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Brazil and UFOs: Making Sure the Truth Is Out There PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 12 August 2010 17:08

Fed up with secrecy shrouding reports of flying saucers, Brazil has decreed that any UFO sightings will now be logged by the government and made available to researchers of the paranormal.

A government decree issued this week orders Brazilian military and civilian pilots, as well as air traffic controllers, to register any sightings with the country's aerospace defense command -- and to include any video or photos if they have them.

A list of sightings will also be kept in the national archives in Rio de Janeiro, and made available to anyone seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life, the decree said, according to media reports.

The decree, signed by Brazilian Air Force chief Juniti Saito, said the Air Force would only catalog UFO sightings and wasn't able to investigate each individual report.

"Air Force command does not have a specialized structure to carry out scientific experiments on these phenomena and will limit itself to recording any events," the decree said, according to the BBC.

Brazil's somewhat bizarre new transparency on UFO sightings comes after revelations last week that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sought to keep UFO reports secret during World War II, fearing mass panic and loss of religious faith.

Brazil, it seems, isn't worried. In fact, government officials have been quoted as saying the phenomena are quite common and ought to be investigated outright.

"There are reports by [government] ministers and even a president who saw a UFO," an unnamed military air traffic controller told the Brazilian newspaper O Dia, according to Agence France-Presse.

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