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UFO footage: Lights in the sky over Saltney PDF Print E-mail
Written by bbc.co.uk   
Monday, 26 July 2010 16:26

Contributor Steven has sent in a film showing three UFOs in the sky over his engineering yard in Saltney, Flintshire.

The footage is taken from his security camera and - in the top left of the picture - appears to show three objects moving in unison. The lights look triangular in shape.

"I'm not sure what to think," said Steven who got in touch after reading similar stories of sightings over the Dee estuary in our archived section, Weird.

"We have two cameras watching vehicles parked in our compound, and we noticed on three pieces of the footage some strange lights in the sky just visible above one of the buildings opposite.

"It shows firstly what looks like an after burner from an aircraft but three-pointed. We accepted this as an aircraft but one minute later there is a group of three, then after a minute another one."

Steven points out that although Broughton airfield is nearby, planes don't use the airfield at night and his footage was taken Friday, 16 July, 22.23pm.

"They must have been some form of aircraft," said Steven. "But the footage is interesting nonetheless."

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