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Exclusive: Italian Politician Claims EU Is Hiding 'Secret UFO Files' PDF Print E-mail
Written by AOL News   
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 21:03

How close is the European Union to releasing its top secret UFO files to the rest of the world? Well, in a few months we may finally learn if the truth is out there.

That is, of course, if such files exist, as one lawmaker insists they do.

Last month, AOL News reported on how Mario Borghezio, leader of the ultra-conservative Italian Northern League party, has urged the 27-member EU governments to publicly release any information they might have on UFOs.

"The EU member states, under the principle of transparency, have a duty to make public and available to all scientific data on UFOs which, today, are partially or wholly secret," said Borghezio in an exclusive e-mail interview with AOL News.

Borghezio, 63, penned a June 14 declaration titled "On the Declassification of Documentation on UFOs," in which he calls for the establishment of a European UFO commission. "Many members of the scientific community have been looking into the issue of UFOs and have denounced the systematic covering up of information on the subject," the declaration says.

He's starting to get some positive feedback from his EU colleagues.

"About 30 members of the European Parliament -- especially from Eastern Europe -- have signed my declaration, and it means they agree with me," he said.


Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament since 2001, has been referred to as an extremist at times. In 2005, he was found guilty of arson after setting fire to the belongings of some immigrants who were sleeping under a bridge in the town of Turin, Italy.

Lately, he's grabbed headlines in his UFO quest and says he's sure that many countries have kept UFO-related information hidden from the public.

"Yes, I know that some of them have secret UFO files," he said.

Borghezio won't offer any personal explanation for UFOs, whether they turn out to be alien spacecraft, misidentified conventional aircraft or normal astronomical objects -- but he still feels there's something mysterious about the subject.

"I do not embrace any one thesis," he said. "I await the results of scientific studies which will be noted only after all the UFO files are declassified."

The Italian politician says he is pursuing the issue to encourage governmental transparency. "Citizens must know everything that concerns them directly, without censorship."

EU members have until Oct. 14 to sign Borghezio's disclosure declaration. But with the various domestic and national problems facing the EU, will UFOs be high on the agenda?

"I'm sure that a reason of freedom and transparency should move the interest of the leaders to whom I address this question: 'What do you know about the reasons regarding the classified status of everything related to UFOs?'"
Borghezio says his fight for disclosure isn't related to a personal UFO encounter.

"No, I have never seen a UFO, but I have knowledge of highly credible witnesses [civilian and military pilots], but it's not available because it's been secreted," he said.

So, as it's been for decades, those seeking conclusive information on UFOs are still playing a gigantic waiting game: waiting for the EU to make a move; waiting for the United Nations to make a move -- and, of course, waiting for the alleged otherworldly visitors to make a move. After all, aren't "they" the key to this whole thing?

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