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Welcome to the HBCCUFO Research website where the general public may confidentially submit UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) sighting reports from anywhere in the world. HBCCUFO Research receives reports of UAP from the public as a familiar and trusted repository. Our research team evaluates all submissions and may continue further investigations. Your personal information will always be kept private. You may upload pictures, videos, or other files associated with your sighting with our very user friendly UAP sighting report system.

Report UAP sightings

HBCCUFO Research would like to encourage the public to submit reports of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). Please fill out our easy to use UAP report form. The submissions form can be accessed at any time while visiting our site by selecting the submit reports button in the menus. HBCCUFO Research will compile, categorize and analyze all UAP sightings that come to us via the HBCC UFO web site. We are interested in receiving all reports of UAP whether current or historical. We will uphold the HBCCUFO Research tradition of maintaining confidentiality of all eyewitnesses and reporting party contact information.

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